Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 things to look when buying a mobile phone?

There are large numbers of mobile phones available in the market and selecting a one among them is definitely a difficult task. Thus while buying a cell phone there are various factors which should be well considered.

Type of handset: First of all decide upon the type of handset that your want which may include flip, candy bar, slider and others.

Life of Battery: The next important thing is the life of the battery. Depending upon your needs and requirements you can select the phone with good talktime and standby time.

Size of Memory: Memory size is of crucial importance when selecting a cell phone as large memory allows you to store all your important data along with tons of images and music file.

Web Browser: Internet has become an important feature of today’s mobile phone and thus web browser plays an important role while deciding upon the type of phone.

Connectivity: Good connectivity features are an essential requirement for the proper operation of the cell phone.

Messaging features: various messaging options like SMS, MMS, Emails and others allows quick communication without making a call and thus they are integral part of any cell phone.

Multimedia options: Mobile phones of today have become a multipurpose gadget and provide the functions of camera, music player, gaming device, GPS device and others. Thus while buying a cell phone various multimedia options should be looked upon as per your requirements.

Network: A good network will allow you to stay connected no matter wherever you are.

Additional Features: Various additional features like speakerphone, conference calling, speed dialing and others are also an essential requirement in today’s handset and should be considered while buying a cell phone.

Accessories: Various accessories available with the handset are also an important factor while buying a phone.

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