Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blackberry Master Control Program

The Blackberry Master Control Program is a free Windows utility that gives you fine levels of control over your Blackberry, and consolidates the functionality of multiple utilities into one application
. It is immensely useful for Blackberry users, but you should also use it with caution, because if it is used incorrectly, it could result in data loss.

On the Java Loader window (Java icon
), you can perform many basic Blackberry options without having to load the Blackberry Desktop or manipulate the device by hand. You can do the following:

* Turn the Radio on and off (please note that this turns on/off the cellular radio and wi-fi on the device).
* Set Time
* Recover Memory (flash memory)
* Factory Reset
* Wipe the Handheld – You can wipe the Applications, the Filesystem or both (Complete Wipe)
* Launch the Command Prompt – You can run the Javaloader application from the command prompt and perform additional functions.

Java Loader

On the Information screen, you can see device logs and information, which makes it much easier to pull up log information when you are troubleshooting issues with the device. Frequently application manufacturers and Blackberry support (from RIM or from the carrier) will ask you to provide information from your device. This is the easy way to get this information.

You can use the Screen Capture functionality to grab screenshots of the device. You can even set it to grab screenshots at intervals, so you can capture screenshots of a series of activities on the device. You can choose the size of the screenshot depending on what Blackberry model you have.

From the Load Modules screen, you can install modules on the device that you have downloaded to the PC. From the Erase Modules screen, you can get a full list of all of the modules on your device, and you can erase them at will. Please note that if you don’t erase all of the components of a module, it can cause issues on the device.

From the Backup and Restore screen, you can backup modules on your device and restore them. If you need to reinstall your Blackberry’s OS, this step can save you a lot of time, because you can backup the modules separately, do a clean install of the operating system (which is usually far less problematic), and restore the applications separately after the upgrade is done.

The Operating System Management screen will show you which device operating systems
you currently have installed on your machine, and will allow you to to install your choice of operating system. The application also provides links to sites where you can find operating systems
from other carriers, and leaked operating system upgrades.

The Area 51 screen should be used with extreme caution, because it allows you to send javaloader commands directly to the device.

The Blackberry Master Control Program interface also conveniently provides links to the Desktop Manager, Application Loader, and Blackberry Media Sync. This is truly the Swiss army knife of Blackberry configuration applications
, but it is definitely not recommended for novices.

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