Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to recognize a fake mobile phone

Mobile phone market is expanding day by day with the introduction of new mobiles. With this expansion, the market is also flooded with numerous fake mobiles and buying one of them proves to a waste of money as well as time. Thus there are various methods through which a person can recognize a fake mobile phone.

First of all IMEI number of your cell phone plays a major role in determining its authenticity as it provides the details about the cell phone, its model and the about the original manufacturer. Typing *#06# on your mobile will display the IMEI number on the screen. You can also save this number at some secured place for further reference if needed.

Besides IMEI number other factors that helps in recognizing a fake mobile includes the

- low price of the handset as compared to the market

- weight of the phone as per the specifications

- color of the handset

- unofficial models of the phone

- Any missing as well as an added feature which may not be mentioned

- receipt of your purchase and others

Thus check all these factors properly before buying a cell phone so that you do not get into the trap of fake handsets.

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