Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blackberry Curve 3G - An Advanced Version of 3G Sets in Market

Blackberry Curve 3G is the fresh entry into blackberry range of mobile sets. It is the updated version of the old sets that are available in the market. It is loaded with interesting and useful features. It has additional feature such as faster access to 3G network. This quicker access to 3G services makes blackberry Curve 3G superior as compared with other Curve present in the market. This feature is one of the best tool that is added to Curve series. Web browsing and internet surfing is faster in this set. Blackberry has upgraded many features of its older models to this newer 3G network. Curve is the latest of mobile sets to join this 3G network.

E-mailing service and BBM (black berry messaging) instant chatting are some of the features that are present in this 3G handset. Messaging service is more dependable and faster in it due to latest network upgrade. The general feature of Curve 3G includes Bluetooth facility plus ever useful personal organizer and calendar tool. The web browser of Curve 3G is also faster due to 3G network facility present in it.

Unlike other 3G Curve sets Curve 3G 9300 does not offer touch screen utility. The people who are used to touch screen mode may feel 3G to be little bit boring. Curve 3G offers a full keyboard and is easy to use and maintain. It is not as much efficient as iPhone but it provides quicker browsing and messaging service. Blackberry Curve 3G is fitted with software 5. Although software 6 is there in market but software 5 is as much efficient as software 6. The blackberry 9300 3G is upgradeable to newer version with the help of BB5 software in the coming times.

Blackberry 9300 Curve 3G comes with better resolution 2.0 mega pixel cameras and video tool. The media player of Curve 3G is advanced and upgradable. Blackberry Curve 3G is multi-user and multi-tasking in nature.

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